July 12, 2023
Bring Your Own Key with the Dev plan

The cheapest ReadyRunner plan is our Dev plan. This plan is for anyone with an OpenAI API key. They can enter their key in ReadyRunner, and all requests to OpenAI will be sent using your key, which means you pay for the usage.

Since you pay for the API usage instead of us, we can charge a lower price, and we don't put any limits on your usage.

GPT-4 available for all API users

The biggest downside was that most OpenAI developer accounts did not have access to GPT-4, but now they do. OpenAI recently announced general availability of GPT-4.

That means, everyone on the ReadyRunner Dev plan can use GPT-4 in ReadyRunner. That's especially nice because our innovative ScratchPad feature requires GPT-4 to use.

Get an OpenAI API key

If you have an OpenAI API key, consider the Dev plan. If you don't, you can obtain one by signing up for a developer account with OpenAI at the OpenAI developer platform website.

Sign up for the Dev plan

In the ReadyRunner app, click "Subscribe" and choose the Dev plan. After subscribing, there will be an option to provide your API key in the settings.